10 Uggs Slipper Outfits as Styled by the Biggest It Girls

At my preppy Midwest middle school, Uggs were everything. The classic knee-high boots were so popular that we weren’t allowed to wear them during class since they were the ultimate distraction. My first experience being bullied was Ugg related as one of the girls approached me in line at lunch. She referred to my “fuggs” (aka fake Uggs) with disdain, claiming that I should’ve picked out a different style. Now that’s a core memory.

Many years later, as the brand is returning to its peak and channeling Y2K in the format of mini Uggs with platforms, I can assure you that you won’t catch me in a pair of fuggs ever again. It’s rare for under-$150 shoes to catch the eyes of so many celebrities, but now that these slippers have graced the feet of Bella Hadid, they’ve officially reached their ultimate peak. Below, see how celebrities and fashion people are wearing Uggs lately. 

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