11 Cool Winter Birthday Outfits to Copy This Season

Shopping for that birthday outfit can feel like a full-time job. This rings even more true for wintertime babies. By the time your special day rolls around, minidresses, cute shorts, and backless maxis have all been replaced by their polar opposites on every virtual and IRL clothing rack. We hear you—you don’t want to sacrifice feeling glam and sexy as you commemorate another year of life just because it’s 40° outside and may or may not snow. We’re here to say you don’t have to.

There’s no occasion our trusty band of Instagram fashion people can’t serve up outfit inspo for, those tricky birthdays amid low temperatures included. You’ll quickly find you don’t have to show up to your long-awaited birthday party in a turtleneck (at least, not against your wishes), and there are actually a number of ways to make your favorite evening pieces work. Whether it’s pairing a dress with tall boots or styling a silk maxi skirt with a cozy cardigan, the outfits we’ve rounded up below ensure every need is met.

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