12 Best Dry Shampoos for Oily Hair, According to Stylists

I never used to be much of a dry shampoo gal because I have dry, thick, curly hair—all the things that generally don’t mix well with dry shampoo. But recently, I’ve found it to be somewhat of a lifesaver. I tend to get a lot of buildup on my roots if I style a lot with gel or mousse, so a tiny bit of a spritz here and there of it really helps keep oiliness at bay. Celebrity hairstylist Michelle Cleveland seconds this saying, “If I were stuck on an island and could only choose one hair product it would 1000% be a dry shampoo! It really helps to extend the life of your hair between shampoos and as a bonus, for fine-haired girls, it can give you some great volume and texture.” 

I guess you could say that sentiments like this from stylists are the reason I’m fully a convert now. That being said, I’ll let you all in on the ones stylists use and love exclusively. For all their favorites and a few tips on how to apply dry shampoo for oily hair, keep reading.

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