15 Best Lip Glosses of All Time, According to Beauty Experts

If you talk to anyone that works in the beauty industry, chances are we’ve tried every single lip product imaginable. Lipsticks, balms, tints, stains—you name it, we’ve tried it. But there’s one product that beauty industry experts love above all else: lip gloss. 

Open my purse at any given moment, and you’ll probably find at least four lip glosses. There’s something about lip gloss that makes it such a nostalgic product—nothing reminds me more of the early aughts than a glazed lip. Today’s best lip glosses are moisturizing, hyper-reflective, and never, ever sticky. I tapped a bevy of in-the-know beauty experts for their absolute favorite lip glosses of all time (plus, a few of my own mainstays). Keep reading to find out the lip glosses worth adding to your lineup, straight from the people who would know best. 

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