22 Shearling Jacket Outfits That Feel So Fresh

Do you feel that? It’s that cool-winter front coming on. For many, the end of fall marks the beginning of embracing one all-important staple, ahem, outerwear. For anyone that lives in non-tropical climates, having at least one great coat is non-negotiable. Of course, how you discern which type of coat to buy is as unbearable as being cold. Do you go with a classic puffer coat? Or a more trend-forward fuzzy fold-over collar coat?

There are so many options that it sometimes makes the prospect of not buying anything alluring. If you’re in that camp as of late, we suggest relying on that one piece you probably already own: a shearling jacket. Ok, so maybe you don’t own it (or perhaps it’s buried in the back of your closet), but we know that many fashion sets own this coat. So, it makes the ideal of foregoing buying a new jacket in lieu of re-wearing this one this season something most people can do. If the idea of digging through your storage or buying into this jacket style does not sound alluring, keep reading. 

We’ve rounded up 22 shearling coat outfit ideas to make even the most apathetic excited about this jacket again. Whether you’re just wondering how to wear a shearling jacket in a modern way or searching for the best one to buy right now, we’ve got you covered. 

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