29 Winter Layering Pieces That Make Cozy Dressing a Snap

Winter is here, and so is layering season. This is the time to pile on the button-downs, sweater-vests, cardigans, and long sleeves and bundle up for the cold weather. There’s a science to the perfect layered look. You don’t want so many layers that you can’t move comfortably and look like you just couldn’t decide which jacket to wear. It’s about balance and making sure you pick things that are the right fit to layer with. It’s about layering different silhouettes, from fitted to oversize, and finding pieces that add to a look. You can always go the low-key route of throwing a sweater over your shoulder or fully commit to a button-down layered with a vest or sweater-vest and topped off with a trench. However you like to layer, I have found 29 affordable layering pieces that are perfect for winter. 

Keep scrolling to see what made the cut.

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