4 Latin American Makeup Artists on Their Must-Have Products

Every makeup artist has something unique to offer the world. As a beauty editor, I love to admire their artistry, technique, and use of different makeup products across the board. Sometimes, I’ll find that I own a particular product that a celebrity makeup artist uses too but will learn an entirely new way of using it that ends up looking even better. To sum up, they’re masters at their craft, and I’m constantly admiring them.

As a celebration of their work and Hispanic Heritage Month, I decided to tap four incredibly gifted Latin American makeup artists to share their must-have beauty products and favorite celebrity looks they’ve created. Valeria Ferreira, Jezz Hill, Raul Otero, and Alexa Hernandez were kind enough to spill the tea. Keep reading below. They’re sharing details on the looks of your favorite celebs such as Simone Ashley, Lily James, and Gabrielle Union. 

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