5 Colors That Go With Purple

Back in May at the 2022 Met Gala, Olivia Rodrigo made her “fairycore” entrance in a purple moment that graced her from head to toe. Purple platform shoes were paired with a Y2K Versace gown and full-length gloves. Even purple butterflies embellished her hair perfectly. This is the moment everyone knew that the color purple was on the rise. As fashion week has come and gone, I’ve noticed the bold color making an appearance in quite a few street style roundups, so I’m sold. Consider it the It color for 2023.

Growing up, purple was one of my favorite colors. I’m a girly girl, so any feminine hue naturally catches my eye but I also loved that it symbolizes royalty. Seeing the color come back has me really excited about the many ways I’d like to style it. Below, find five outfits I’m planning on copying.

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