6 Mistakes This Chic TikToker Taught Me to Never Make Again

TikTok is a place for many things—decadent recipes you might not get to making (or air fryer recipes you will), TV spoilers, and trending songs that get stuck in your hand for longer than you’d like. And while all these things are entertaining (and distracting), the fashion sector of the app has grasped my attention the most.

I’ve said this before, but Instagram can get saturated with the same type of influencers, making it harder to navigate and find new voices. TikTok’s algorithm, however, is always pushing out new users to you on a daily basis. That’s exactly how I came to follow Gabriella Gofis, and now her videos along with a few other creators are what I look forward to when opening the app. 

While other TikTokers resort to heavy hauls, Gabriella’s videos are meant to help her audience shop better (and wiser). Her tip that caught my attention? She’d always post the lists she’d make before she shopped. There’s nothing over-the-top about her approach, it’s simply just listing items she’d been thinking about constantly in her phone notes app so she has more of a sketched-out plan before she resorts to buying anything. As someone who’s had a habit of going into a sale or shopping spree blind, making lists has been a game changer. I analyze it, take things out, add things, and always end up with a concrete plan for what I really need for the season. 

Even as a fashion editor, I have habits that I could improve to better my shopping experience. That’s why I couldn’t help but want to know more about what Gabriella has to share. Keep scrolling to see what mistakes may be holding your wardrobe back from greatness.

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