6 Winter 2022 Jewelry Trends That Are Surging Again

It’s always a surprise when previously forgotten-about items return to the spotlight, and this winter, six such jewelry pieces are having a sort of renaissance. Unlike clothes and shoes, my jewelry collection tends to stay pretty constant from season to season and year to year. Of course, it goes through its own phases, but on the whole, the turnover is much slower than anything I keep on a hanger or folded into a dresser drawer. For that reason, if I phase out a jewelry trend from my arsenal, I usually expect it to stay that way. Winter 2022 has other plans, though.

Across the runways, I spotted six major winter jewelry trends that are giving me a strong case of déjà vu. I definitely dabbled in each of these years ago and had since banished them from my jewelry box—or so I thought. Sure enough, all signs are pointing to their grand return to style. For instance, I’m typically a gold girl all the way, and any other metals pretty much dwindled from my view, but a new wave of sculptural silver pieces stands to change my staunch stance. For a complete look into this season’s trending accoutrements, see the six reemerging themes that just might surprise you (as they did for me).

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