9 Fall Trends I’m Ditching and 9 I’m Buying Instead

As much as I’d like to keep every single item I’ve ever owned for the rest of my days, my life in New York City simply doesn’t allow for it. I have, at best, 500 square feet to work with, and while clothes, shoes, and bags take up 99% of my thoughts every day, I don’t particularly want them to own that much space in my apartment too. So, to compensate, I have to cycle out my wardrobe—minus basics, of course—a lot. And with fall fast approaching, I’m gearing up for yet another refresh.

Luckily, this fall’s trend selection is shockingly good, so coming up with pieces to get rid of in order to make room for it wasn’t all that difficult. But still, waving goodbye to trends that have served you well for months or even years is never easy. Alas, it must be done. There are heavy-duty leather jackets and satin ballet flats to buy, after all.

Keep scrolling for nine trends that simply didn’t make my fall 2022 cut (and nine that I’m replacing them with).

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