9 Winter Fashion Trends That Are Everywhere for Winter 2021

If you scroll through Instagram enough, you’re bound to notice more than a few common themes. The satin Miu Miu ballet flats everyone and their mother is snapping photos in? Yep, they’ve put the brand at the center of the balletcore aesthetic. How about the colorful knit scarves that seem to come back around every single winter? Those ACNE Studios scarves continue to sell out.

While my job may entail scrolling through Instagram more than the average person, the dozens of images pooling in my saved folders confirm that the trends I’m noticing are most certainly a thing this season. Meet the winter Instagram fashion trends I keep seeing all over my feed.

An endless slew of influencers, editors, buyers, and miscellaneous fashion people all agree on the list below. Don’t just take my word for it, though—the proof is all over the ‘gram. Keep reading to see all nine fashion picks and shop them yourself. I’ve seeded out the best options at many price points.

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