An Honest Fabletics Review, as Tried by an Editor

The other day, I went for a run, and about 5 minutes in, I had to start walking. I wore an activewear set that I typically reserve for low-impact exercises and it did not support me well enough. When I took off in a light jog, I didn’t notice a problem at first but as the run continued I had to continuously lift up my shirt to keep myself from being exposed. I’m a DD, so wearing the right sports bra is of the utmost importance to me. A few days later, I went for a run in a set that didn’t have a pocket, leading to me putting my key in my sports bra and losing it along the way. After buying a replacement key, I realized it was time for some new activewear.

When you are looking to overhaul an area of your wardrobe and buy into multiple pieces, a good price point is key, so I was directed to Fabletics, whose pieces are almost always below $100, which is unheard of these days among most popular activewear brands. I decided to test out my new style with the workout classes that New York City is most famous for.

Come along with me to hear my thoughts after spending a week in my new favorite activewear brands and see the workout classes I tried along the way.

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