Aritzia’s Super Puff Coat Has Officially Gone Viral

While the most notable moments in fashion history for me take place on the runways, I’ll never forget the day that the Super Puff dropped. Aritzia already had been known for crafting wardrobe staples that last a lifetime at great prices, so everyone I knew was already spending their weekends there finding new pieces that felt ultra-luxe but didn’t break the bank. Kendall Jenner was at the peak of her career when she starred in the brand’s first campaign in 2017, making everyone flock to Aritzia to try Jenner’s new favorite coats for themselves.

Since then, Aritzia has worn the puffer coat as if it invented it. Fans on TikTok have given winter a new name, calling it “Super Puff season” as they prematurely dawn their coats in October for a Starbucks run. The coat is a fashionable take on the once solely practical wardrobe staple, and if it’s warm enough to survive Canadian winters, it certainly passes my test. Below, see a few members of the long list of celebrities who have given the Super Puff their stamp of approval.

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