Harry Winston High Jewelry Timepiece Collection

At Who What Wear, we love to tap industry experts for their detailed insight and knowledge on all things luxury. How did you get your start in the high-end watch space? And what do you love about luxury watches, in particular?

I was working on the editorial team at Sotheby’s in 2019 and was tapped by the watches department to create some watch content. I didn’t know anything about watches—I didn’t even own one at the time!—but I took on the challenge anyway and became instantly obsessed. What struck me was the lack of women in the narrative, which led me to do my own research, properly go down the rabbit hole, and eventually launch my online platform, Dimepiece.

Luxury watches have the ability to retain so much more sentimental value than, say, a luxury handbag or a pair of designer shoes. There’s something intimate about the fact that they’re practically living things, working mechanically to keep the time on your wrist. And if they’re automatic, they work in synchronicity with your body to stay running. Not to get too poetic here, but the “tick-tick” sound is like a little heartbeat, and if you tune in to it, you’re reminded of the rhythm of life in a way that’s much more grounding than looking at the time on your phone.

Watches never seem to go out of style. What do you think makes them so classic?

There is quite a bit of time and consideration that goes into making a high-end luxury watch. The pace of the watch industry itself is quite slow, bound by a rigid commitment to quality and craftsmanship. In that sense, watches are not subject to the quickly changing tides and trends of the fashion world. Watches are also made with the intention of frequent and long-term wear; they’re not disposable or associated with any one season. The result is that they never go out of style!

Why should we invest in high-end timepieces?

An investment in a high-end timepiece is ultimately an investment in yourself. These objects are made with such care, and you can truly feel the quality on your wrist. They’re timeless, they’re mood-boosting, and they’re the cherry on top of any outfit. When you start internally debating with yourself over whether or not you should invest in a luxury watch, ask yourself: How much are you worth?

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