Hipster Underwear Is the Comfiest—Shop the Best 14 Pairs

Despite being a small purchase, buying underwear is not a task you should put at the bottom of your to-do list. It’s a personal buy that should be prioritized, especially since it’s what you’ll be wearing on a daily basis. As a market editor, I already do intense research before buying anything but being sensitive about the comfort of my undergarments, I take this very seriously. 

Out of all the styles on the market, hipster underwear is the winner for me. They hit at the perfect hip-bone length and strike a balance between a brief and a thong. They feel comfortable and still look sexy—it’s a win-win combination. Avoid the hassle and keep scrolling, you’ll find the best pairs of hipster underwear below. Whether you’re looking for something simple for everyday or want something for a special occasion, I included an excellent variety for you to choose from.

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