How to Style Ballet Flats Like a Fashion Girl

We all know by now that trends are cyclical—quick to rise in favor just to fade as quickly until the next updated version takes hold again. There’s one shoe style that has, for the most part, withheld the test of time and evaded the usual ebb and flow of a trend: ballet flats. The classic shoe has been undoubtedly a forever staple for fashionable women across the globe. At the moment, however, ballet flats have moved to the forefront of shoe trends this season.

All it takes to get a sense of their popularity is to peruse the Instagram accounts of chic women from the fashion capitals around the world. From timeless cap-toe favorites to minimalist designs to the ever-lovely satin ballerina flats, the chic styles are endless. Ahead, check out what styles the women of Paris, New York City, and Los Angeles love the most, plus how they wear them.

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