Juliana Canfield Takes Us Behind Her New Show The Calling

The 30-year-old found inspiration in podcasts too. Though Canfield admittedly isn’t much of a podcast girl, she found the stories from former New York detectives crucial in understanding the more sensitive aspects of the job. “I think a lot of detectives, especially if they worked in the force for a long time, have a very tough exterior shell,” she says. “I was quite surprised and moved at times hearing these often men, who were grown and had long careers, get emotional or hearing their voices break when they were talking about emotional moments because of their colleagues or because of a particularly troubling case.” 

The character Janine is nothing if not loyal and determined, a lot like another of Canfield’s beloved on-screen counterparts—Jess Jordan, Kendall Roy’s right-hand woman in the Emmy-winning HBO series Succession. Canfield laughs when I bring up the comparisons but argues they have one major difference: their choice of footwear. “Jess won’t be caught dead in a flat shoe,” she says. “She wears a stiletto. She likes her feet to hurt a little bit, and she runs around on the tips of her toes. And Janine wears flat shoes that lace up, and she’s always ready to run. But not run away, like run after.”

The supporting role quickly became a breakout moment for Canfield, with Jess becoming somewhat of an anomaly among Succession fans. There is even an entire Ringer article dedicated to the character, asking the important questions about her all-consuming job. Does Jess have a chance to eat well-balanced meals? Does she hydrate? And why has she stayed by Kendall’s side all this time? The love for the tireless C-suite assistant is far from what Canfield expected going into the project, but she’s happy to be caught up in the wave. When I ask about what’s to come in season four, which returns next spring, she leaves me with this: “From what I’ve read and seen so far, it’s going to be a real doozy.” 

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