Reviewed: Half Magic Beauty’s 20 Best Products

As a beauty editor, I’ve never shied away from bold makeup. Hot-pink eye shadow? Yes. Graphic winged liner? Sure. While I wouldn’t necessarily wear these looks on a daily basis, I liked to experiment every so often, taking the time to apply intricate makeup for the sake of it. I’d wear it around the house while I answered emails or did chores, only to take it off a couple of hours later. For me, it was a fun way to flex my creativity. But somewhere along the way (or, more accurately, in the midst of the pandemic), I lost my maximalist makeup streak. The inspiration just wasn’t there, so my most colorful makeup products sat in my drawer collecting dust. 

That recently changed, and I have two things to thank for it: The first is TikTok. While it might be best known for minimalist makeup, there are plenty of content creators sharing maximalist makeup looks as well—many of which have a bold, disco-inspired aesthetic. As someone who’s obsessed with anything even remotely Studio 54–inspired, I can’t help but be inspired to create my own looks after seeing others on the internet. 

The second (and most important) thing I have to thank is Half Magic Beauty, the makeup brand founded by Donni Davy, the award-winning makeup artist behind HBO’s Euphoria. Just as fans of the show would expect, the brand is a kaleidoscopic collision of color and texture, and it totally reignited my love for look-at-me makeup. Keep scrolling to see my favorite products from the brand and the looks that I created with them. 

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