Sock Boots Are Back, and These 21 Tempting Pairs Prove It

Normally, the first pair that comes to mind when I think of outdated shoe styles is sock boots—period. Once utterly ubiquitous, the ultra-fitted silhouette was deemed “out” a few years back and replaced by wider-leg knee-highs, cowboy boots, and anything with a lug sole attached. And yet, in recent weeks, I’ve found myself not only softening to sock boots again but actually wanting a pair (or two) to add to my fall wardrobe. Shocking, I know.

From tall takes to classic ankle boots, the sock-boot offerings on the market right now are aplenty and dangerously tempting, and that’s coming from someone who six months ago would’ve likely scoffed at the idea of introducing a pair into my boot collection. But, hey, there’s no need to blindly trust me. Instead, keep scrolling to make up your own mind about the second coming of sock boots. I have a feeling your opinion of them will do a 180 too. 

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