The 10 Most Popular Flat Shoes and How They Look On

I really love shoes. I love them so much that it’s pretty much part of my personality. I often even plan entire outfits around what shoes I want to wear that day and admittedly spend more on shoes than probably any other category in my wardrobe. When designing my closet with The Container Store, I expressed to them that one of the most important aspects of my closet was that I had adequate space for shoes (and bags, but that’s another story).

While it would be fun to have a reason to wear heels every day, I don’t, and instead spend the majority of my time in flats. I’m lumping flats, sneakers, and flat boots together when I say that. They’re all technically flats in my book. I always like to see what shoes look like IRL, whether I’m shopping for a new pair or am just curious, so I tried some of my favorite flat shoes on for you in case the same applies to you.

Scroll to see my go-to flats IRL, and shop them (or similar pairs) for your own shoe wardrobe.

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