The 11 Best Skin-Tightening Devices for a Firmer Complexion

I never really took the rise (and culminating obsession) with skin-tightening devices seriously until a couple of years ago when I got my hands on ZIIP’s ultra-coveted Nano Current Device ($495). You can read the long story here, but the short story is that it pretty much lifted, toned, and contoured my face after the very first use, and when I’m consistent with the ritual, the results just get better and better. So yes, I now staunchly believe in the effectiveness of these types of gadgets, even though I definitely don’t deem them a necessity. One last time for the people in the back: Lines, wrinkles, and sagging are normal and beautiful—they’re your well-lived life on display, after all!

There is one caveat, however. Even though certain skin-tightening devices that use high-tech technology like LED, microcurrent, and radiofrequency might provide visible changes to the skin and be satisfactory investments, there are plenty of models on the market that just aren’t up to snuff and worth your hard-earned cash. So if you’ve been toying with the idea of investing in some type of skin-tightening tool but want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck, you’ll want to keep reading. Below, I’m detailing my favorite skin-tightening device (yep, the ZIIP) along with 10 other worthy options that have received rave reviews and high ratings among your fellow beauty shoppers. Keep scrolling! The 11 best skin-tightening devices for a firmer and tauter complexion are just below.

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