The 2023 Trends That Celebrities Are Already Wearing Now

Leave it to celebrities to be fashion’s earliest adopters. Now that the spring 2023 shows have come to a close, we’ve done our top-level reporting on the top trends to know for next season, but we typically have to wait another six months for those aforementioned trends to actually hit the market and IRL in the closets of fashion girls. It turns out, the rules of this waiting game don’t apply to A listers.

In the wake of fashion month, we’ve already spotted a number of our most stylish stars sporting the trends we just saw gliding down the runways a mere matter of weeks prior. How is these even possible, you ask? Well, celebs either have access to the industry’s top stylists to pull the looks for them or they have a close relationship with designers themselves to snatch these fresh-off-the-runway looks before anybody else does. So whether you’re looking for inspiration on how to translate 2023’s major trends to your own wardrobe or you’re simply curious to find out styles celebs are backing, look no further than the below six outfits.

From sheer dresses to knee-length skirts, celebrities are already all over these 2023 trends and we’re not even close to the new year.

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