The 21 Coziest Beauty Products We’re Buying This Winter

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I love winter. There’s a certain coziness to it, knowing that for the next few months, I’ll be in nesting mode. Instead of long days and late nights spent traveling, socializing, and going to events, I’ll be sitting comfortably in my home. Maybe I’ll catch up on some reading. Maybe I’ll binge-watch a show. Maybe I’ll try my hand at cooking new recipes. One thing that I know I’ll be doing is spending more time on my beauty routine. 

While I devote a fair amount of time and focus to my beauty routine year round (I am a beauty editor after all), I take the opportunity to really lean into it in the winter. It’s during the coldest, dreariest months that I reach for my most soothing staples in an effort to best care for my body and mind. You see, I’m all about turning my routine into a ritual and using a consciously curated line-up of products. Keep scrolling to see every single product I’m using to fully embrace cozy-girl winter. 

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