The 4 Best Brands for Petite Pants, According to an Editor

I fall into a specific club of women who happen to be on the shorter side. I actually stopped getting taller in the 8th grade, so once I was 5’2,” it was time to take me out of the oven. I was done! To my dismay of course. I have always wanted to be long and tall and beautiful, like models on a runway, floating around instead of walking.

But the universe had plans to keep me a little closer to the ground, and while I may be only just over 5 feet tall, I like to think I project 6-feet-tall energy. Now that I have swallowed the tough pill that I’ll never be a super-tall supermodel, I have embraced being in the short club and my petite structure. The absolute bane of the existence of short people is getting a pair of pants that don’t make us look like little kids borrowing our parents’ clothes.

The hardest thing to shop for is always pants, and while I don’t mind taking something to the tailor here and there, I almost always end up not having enough free time to do so and a pair of perfectly great pants sits in the back of my closet and collects dust. Thankfully, there are five retailers that understand the short girl struggle and have petite options so you can buy pants that actually fit. Keep scrolling through to see the brands that are my holy grails when it comes to petite shopping.

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