The 40 Best Colorful Sweaters to Brighten Your Wardrobe

Confession: I own way too many black pieces—from boots to sweaters to coats the limit does not exist. You could say that I am the fashion cliché that relies upon a rotation of all-black outfits to get me through the fall and winter.  And while I wouldn’t say that I’m anti-color (in fact, in the summer and spring, I prefer it), I will say that investing in colorful sweaters beyond neutrals wasn’t ever really my thing. But, as of late, I’ve felt compelled to change; in part, that’s due to all the compelling color trends we’ve seen come off the runway, but it also has to do with all the chic bight sweaters on the market right now.

As of late, I can’t scroll through Saks or Nordstrom without spotting at least one vibrantly-tinted sweater that makes me stop mid-scroll and reconsider all my life choices on the spot. So, in that vein, I decided to round up the 40 best colorful sweaters on the market to show why I’ve suddenly changed my heart. If you’re anti-color, too, be prepared to want to embrace the rainbow after you read this story. 

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