The 5 Best Fall Trends for Women of All Ages

For the sake of easily writing this intro, I wish I could claim that my mom and I don’t always agree on fashion matters, that we have completely opposing taste, and that we rarely, if ever, think of buying or wearing the same things. Unfortunately for today—but fortunately in life—that’s simply not the case. In fact, ever since I can remember we’ve been pretty much on the same page when it comes to fashion and style. We both err on the more classic side but can’t resist a truly great trend piece when we come across one. We also like to keep it pretty simple and aim to only buy items that are investment-worthy so they can stay in our collective closets for years or, better yet, decades.

In case that sounds like anyone else’s vibe, I figured why not get my mom on the phone (again) and talk about which F/W trends we think are worth actually buying into for the coming season and beyond. After some back-and-forth, we were able to settle on a solid five, all of which I think you’ll be quite pleased with. To see, read about, and, of course, shop each, just keep scrolling.

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