The 7 Best Silicone Face Masks for Glowy Skin

I rarely use sheet masks, but when I do, I find myself lamenting the waste. The beauty industry as a whole already feels unsustainable at times, but a product that I’m only supposed to use once for 20 minutes before I throw it out can feel even worse. Don’t get me wrong—I’ve used sheet masks that have done wonders for my skin, but in my quest to be more environmentally conscious, I’ve discovered a smarter swap for traditional sheet masks (that still gives you all the benefits!).

If you love sheet masks but want to feel better about your environmental impact, consider trading in your one-use masks for silicone sheet masks, which can be paired with your serums or moisturizers, washed, and reused indefinitely. Using a silicone sheet mask may help make your skincare routine even more effective, thanks to the way it helps lock in products. This is because silicone sheet masks work as occlusives, which means that they seal moisture into the skin to prevent water loss.

“Using occlusion is a great way to hydrate your skin and allow the product to sink in—this is what a sheet mask does,” says Charlotte Palermino, founder of Dieux, a brand known for their silicone Forever Eye Masks. “Do we need outer packaging, plastic forms, and the mask itself, which is all typically thrown out? Not really. Your existing serums and creams you know your skin likes with the addition of occlusion is, in our opinion, a better option for your skin and how much waste is out there.”

If you’re wondering how much waste you’re actually saving when you swap for a reusable silicone mask, it’s actually quite a bit, according to Palermino. “We did research with Bluebird Climate Change that demonstrated if you use the Forever Eye Mask 11 times, you’re using less carbon, up to 70%+ less plastic, and almost half the waste,” she says. “If you continue to use the Forever Eye Mask, the impact of your footprint decreases.” 

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