The 8 Best White T-Shirts for Women in 2022

Everyone has that one item they can’t stop buying no matter how many versions they already have. For some, it’s shoes, for others, it’s bags or accessories. For me, it’s white T-shirts. I recently went to clear out my closet and realized that my dresser drawers were bursting with repeats of the same classic basic. Somewhere along the way, I became a low-key hoarder of them and when I finally sat down to gut my closet, I got the chance to reevaluate the many iterations I’ve collected over the years. A number of them went straight to the donation pile but the few that went back into their places are what I’m considering the best white T-shirts in the game.

I’ve decided that each of the versions below are worthy of their spot in my closet because they fulfill a specific category of T-shirt. Whether it’s the vintage tee that’s perfectly worn in and soft or the sculpting tee that rivals my actual shapewear, my collection of white tees has been well vetted. Ahead, I’m taking you through each of them and explaining why I think they’re the best of their kind (with the mirror selfies to show for it).

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