The Fashion Girl’s Guide to Prioritizing Self-Care

NYC-based style blogger Jessica Torres’s Instagram feed is a vibrant kaleidoscope of bold patterns, fat activism, colorful beauty looks, very fun shoes, and hilarious memes. (“I live for the fashion drama, but most importantly, I live for a funny video,” she notes.) Born in Ecuador and raised in the Bronx, she’s been creating content online practically nonstop for 10 years, amassing a dedicated following and collaborating with some of the coolest indie fashion labels along the way.

As a freelancer, she never knows what a given workday will look like, but she’s always busy, and she’s learned to prioritize self-care accordingly. “My definition of self-care has evolved as I’ve gotten older,” she explains. “I thought it was just putting on a face mask while watching a good movie and ordering in. But now I see that it’s also doing the things you’ve been avoiding, like making that doctor’s appointment or answering that email—and then making yourself a lovely dinner and making sure you stimulate your brain.”

As we head into the merriest (read: busiest) season of them all, she’s sharing how she’s tweaked her everyday routine to prioritize taking care of herself, from journaling and cooking more to always keeping her go-to Olly supplements on hand.

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