These 30 Staples Will Make Office Dressing Easy and Seamless

Now that I’m going to the office on a regular basis, I’m facing the typical morning outfit dilemma once again. (Goodbye WFH lounge sets—I’ll miss you.) Since I work in the fashion space, a lot of what I wear on a regular basis can be considered “office-worthy” but nonetheless, I’ve still been on the path to upgrading my classic workwear. Think crisp button-downs, sleek belts, and classic handbags. Once I added a few more of those to my wardrobe, the morning dilemma became much easier.

The pieces above may sound boring at first, but there has been a burst of creativity and innovation added to the market. Also, classic and polished pieces make great bases for outfits that can be played up with styling tricks and accessories. Ahead, see the pieces that I would buy for my work wardrobe now. You’ll find plenty of simple tailored pieces, but also chic footwear, cozy knits, and elevated accessories. If you’re looking for a little office-ready closet refresh, the list below is an ideal start.

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