These 6 Easy and Affordable Accessories Upgrade Any Outfit

Trends come in all kinds of sizes, but surprisingly, the tiny ones often hold the power to change an entire outfit. Yes, I’m talking about accessories. Jewelry, handbags, shoes—they all make the difference. And if you paid close attention to the runways this year, you’d find that many designers used little details and styling tricks to elevate pieces that were otherwise minimal in design. It brings an approachable touch to fashion—even if you can’t afford the Miu Miu look off the runway, you can still replicate small details like double belts or tall socks and ballet flats. 

Outside of the runways, I’ve spotted the fashion set continuing the use of many accessories to bring even the simplest of outfit formulas to a 10/10. They’re on-trend, wearable, and, in this case, affordable. Below, I’ve found the best accessories of the moment for you to shop at an under-$60 price point. Keep scrolling and get ready to bring your wardrobe to the next level.

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