This Is Why Everyone Loves Pomellato

There is much to love about the Milanese jewelry brand Pomellato. My personal adoration for the brand began the second I laid eyes on the thick gold chain necklaces in the Iconica collection, but the history of Pomellato is what drew me in even closer. Founded in Milan in 1967 by Pino Rabolini, the heir to his family’s goldsmithing legacy, Pomellato prides itself on being a keeper of strong Milanese goldsmithing traditions. Collections are handmade in the atelier located at the headquarters in Milan where over 100 goldsmiths are housed. While recently in Milan, I got the chance to tour that very atelier and chat with the brand’s creative director, Vincenzo Castaldo, about his personal history with Pomellato, recent collections, and the brand identity so many Milanese women hold near and dear to their hearts.  

Castaldo is one of those people who immediately changes the energy of a room the second they walk in. He greeted me with a warm smile and welcomed me into his office (that I had to restrain myself from gushing over). The walls were filled with his inspirations, sketches, campaigns, and art in addition to moldings of jewelry he and his design team were currently working on. Once we dove into the conversation, it was clear Castaldo is as in love with Pomellato as he’s ever been. His eyes glitter when he speaks about his customers, his team, and most of all, the legacy he is now fully engrained in. 

Ahead, you’ll learn more about Pomellato’s history and what makes the brand such an institution in Milan and beyond, and feast your eyes on the latest collection that Castaldo is particularly fond of.

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