Vampire Skin Is TikTok’s Latest Trend: Here’s What It Is

Because I trust them wholeheartedly, I asked celebrity makeup artists Judi Gabbay and Allison Kaye to give me their pro tips on vampire skin. “Vampire skin is a spin-off of glass skin,” says Kaye. “Glowing skin is in style and to achieve it, you mix a liquid highlight or glowy product into your foundation or layer them under your foundation.” 

What I personally love about this trend is that I didn’t have to buy anything new or spend a lot of money to give it a try. I’m fully stocked on both foundations and liquid highlights, so I could play around with different combinations to find what I liked best. Gabbay also has a few tips: “If you’re looking to create vampire skin, you’ll need a few products that you may already have on hand. The trend calls for a liquid glitter, but I find using a liquid highlighter [is] more wearable. Using your favorite lightweight foundation, mix in your liquid highlighter or glitter. Stipple the mix onto the skin using a damp beauty sponge. The trend calls for glittering skin ‘like Edward Cullen,’ so you’ll want to highlight the high points with a fine glitter such as Makeup by Mario’s Crystal Reflector in Quartz ($26).”

For a few of each’s product recs for vampire skin, plus a few I’ve been testing out myself, take a look below.

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